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Welcome to the Virtual Gallery of Laura Bealey Studios.  The Original Paintings featured here include landscapes, garden views and interiors that I have had the pleasure of experiencing firsthand from Ireland to France to Italy and my own garden in Oakton, Virginia.  Displayed are a fraction of the many places I've visited and the many places I love.  I hope you enjoy the journey as much as I have.  



       "Dunes, Ocracroke, NC"  8" x 10"  O/P


     "Field of Flowers, Eastern Shore, VA"    8" x 10"  O/P


            "Lifting Fog, Morley's Warf " 5" x 7"  O/P 

Artist’s Statement
“All of my paintings are inspired by actual people, objects I own, flowers I grow and places I’ve been. Creating art comes with a certain maturity of point of view, a certain broadness of concern, and a willingness to do it time after time. The most successful works of art are those which present whole and personal statements. I involve the viewer in my paintings. My paintings always reflect a sense of place. I explore the representational and abstract, take risks and seek new boundaries. Structure and purpose are evident in each of my works, whether it is a landscape, portrait figure or still life.”